Arbitrator Services

After representing clients in scores of arbitration matters as an attorney for years, David Driscoll became an American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) arbitrator in June, 2007. 

Since then, Mr. Driscoll has presided in over twenty cases, mostly involving claims for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and fraud. As an arbitrator in non-AAA matters, Mr. Driscoll has served in negligence and first-party insurance benefit cases. The dollar range of the claims heard as an arbitrator ranges from $700,000 to less than $10,000.

Over 28 years of litigating civil cases and arbitrations as an advocate has taught me the differences between a good and a bad decision-maker. These lessons have made me particularly attuned to what the parties need from an arbitrator to arrive at an efficient and just resolution of a dispute. As a result, I try to promptly resolve any disputes over things like disclosures or discovery as quickly as possible, I remain willing to listen to the parties throughout the proceedings, and I’m not afraid to make a hard choice if that’s what the law requires in a particular instance. The best arbitrators have knowledge and experience with the law both substantially and procedurally and get to core issues quickly.
— David Driscoll.

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